Monday, April 20, 2009

Visit Home

I just got back from a fun, relaxing two weeks visiting with my sister in San Fransisco. The purpose of the trip was to see a baby born, which I did get to see, 3 hours before leaving again for the DR. That little baby came just in time and I was so thankful and blessed to have been able to experience her birth. Also it was great to get to spend two whole weeks with my sister, pre baby.

Marissa came to visit me on my birthday. It was wonderful!
Leah and I, just a few hours before she went into labor.

Finally, it was time for the baby to come. I showed up to the hospital, on a hunch, just in time. I sat outside Leah's delivery room for about 30 minutes, unknown to Leah, listening to the most painful noises I have ever heard. I then heard a nurse say, "Time to push!" Leah, then knowing that I was waiting outside, said, "Tell Katie to come in!" I was so excited and felt so privileged to get to be in the room. It was the most amazing experience to be with Leah during that last hour of labor. And at 12:20 am on Sunday morning, Lyla Mae Davis came into this world. I cannot explain with words how amazing it was to watch a baby being born. But I will say that is was kind of an other worldly experience and it was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. Here are some pictures:

So, the baby was born at 12:20 am on Sunday morning, I stayed at the hospital for about 2 hours and then headed back to Leah and Jared's house, just in time to change my clothes and gather my suitcases and leave for the airport. I boarded my flight at 6 am and headed back to the DR. It sure was a crazy, emotional way to end my trip, but I am so thankful that Lyla came just in time for me to meet her.

Eater Egg Hunt

On the last day of school before the Spring Break se had a little easter egg hunt. My Uncle Dan and Aunt Linda had sent me a care package full of Easter candy and plastic Easter Eggs. I decided to share the love with my kids at school and hid the eggs all around the school yard. They had so much fun looking for the eggs and enjoyed the special treat of candy inside.