Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cristian's new ride

For the past (almost) year that Cristian and I have been married, we have been sharing a motorcycle to get to work in the mornings and only using the car when absolutely necessary.  Well, this past month we sold our car (more on that later) and Cristian finally got to get a motorcycle that he had had his eye on for quite some time now.  We are very thankful to have another motorcycle as it makes getting around a whole lot easier.  We are hoping to find a car to buy in the nest few months so please keep that in prayer that we would find a good deal.

Another Prayer request

I am asking that you readers/prayers would lift up the women's group in Mata Gorda.  We took several weeks off because Daisy, who helps me with the group, was out having surgery.  Now she is back and we have started up again.  As with most things here, it has started slow.  So I am asking for prayer that the women would desire to come and be a part of the group again.  I ask that hearts would be soft for the messages that Daisy shares each week, and that the women would feel pulled to begin coming to the local church in Mata Gorda.

More updates to come on the women's group in the next few weeks.

Rain, rain, go away!!

These past two weeks we have had SO much rain!  When it rains alot, the kids usually don't show up for school since most of them get to school either on foot or on a motorcyle.  This week we had a group of high school students from Big Valley High in Modesto come and serve for the week.  On one of the rainy days we had the chance to just sit around and talk all day.  The students shared their testimonies with us and it was so encouraging to hear these 15 and 16 year olds talk about their desire to grow closer to Christ.

This is a part of my job that I don't talk too much about on this blog, since it is the part that is the hardest for me.  But having these students in my school for a week or two is not only a help to me and my kids, but it is a chance for me to minister to them.  I ask that you would keep this aspect of the Students International ministry in your prayers.  Next week we have another team coming in, and rain is on the forecast again.  I ask that you would pray that God would minister to these students even when it is raining and there are no kids at school.  Pray that God would help me to be bold and confident as I speak with them.  And that God would give me a heart passionate about ministering to them.

February Birthdays

In February we celebrated 2 birthdays at the school.  Chelsey turned 5 and Jonelisa turned 4.  Felíz Cumpleaños!!

Valentines Day

I know this post is very late, but better late than never, right?  Here is a little pic of some Valentines Day treats that I passed out to my kids.