Monday, December 27, 2010

Important changes!! Please make note...

We here at Students International Dominican Republic have decided to change missionary mail carriers. We now use Agape flights. Please take note of the following address for all letters and packages;

Katie Lombard
c/o Agape Flights STI #25923
100 Airport Ave.
Venice, FL 34285


Can't wait to get a letter from you!!
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in another Dominican wedding for my friends Chulo and Rossy. You may remember me writing about Rossy before (living with her boyfriend, lost a pregnancy a while back). Well several months ago they both made a life change and came back to the Lord and decided that they wanted to get officially married.

They asked me to be the Madrina (god-mother) of the wedding. In the Dominican tradition there is always a Madrina and Padrino who take part in the wedding and help the couple with the cost of the wedding.

In the DR, a Christian pastor does not have legal authority to marry, so the couple has to have a civil ceremony performed by a judge in addition to the church ceremony. One of the other jobs of the madrina is signing the marriage certificate. Here I am signing the certificate during the civil ceremony.

Here we are at the wedding: Padrino #1, me, Chulo, Rossy, Padrino #2

Oh, and I caught the boquet ;-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December birthday

We celebrated Francis' birthday at the beginning of December. He turned 5 this year.


When I first moved to the DR, I was afraid that my love for volleyball would not be satiated here. However, I have actually had many opportunities to continue playing. THere are alot of people who like volleyball and I have gotten to know quite a few people who play at a competitive level. Starting in the summer, Jessica (SI missionary who runs a girls sports site) and I started practicing with a team in La Vega (about 30 mins away) in our spare time. It has been so fun to play with really competitive girls, and the level of play is almost like it was back in college. Here is a picture from one of our tournaments, we were hoping to qualify for the national tournament, but we lost in the finals. I'm up in the front by the net, second from the right.
I am so thankful to God that He has allowed volleyball to stay a part of my life, even as a missionary. Jessica and I hope that we can continue to play with this team and get to know the girls and coach better.

(late) November birthdays

We actually celebrated the birthdays on time, but I am just late in posting this blog.

Here are Isaias and Kyarolin, who both turned 4 this year.