Monday, July 2, 2012


This is how you carry 100 dollars worth of groceries on a motorcycle.
I've gotten pretty skilled with packing my moto what with not having a car these last few months.

Monte Plata

In October of last year Cristian's parents moved away from Jarabacoa to a town called Monte Plata, which is about 4 hours away.  They are working with Kids Alive International as house parents at an orphanage that KAI runs in Monte Plata.

They had come several times back to Jarabacoa for visits, but Cristian and I had not had a chance to go visit them yet.  This past weekend we decided to make the drive and surprise them with a visit.  They were so excited and so surprised to see us!

Cristian's brother, Amandi, works at a bakery here in Jarabacoa.  They were having a birthday party that evening so he made the cake.
 Here I am with our niece, Pricila, who had spent the last 2 weeks in Monte Plata with los abuelos.
 This is our other niece, Ysmayar, all dressed up for the birthday party.
 The whole family (the ones that were there, at least).

June Birthdays

This past month Stiven, Daniela and Eliandra turned 5 and Grismeldi turned 4.  Felíz Cumpleaños!