Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Future Home

A few months ago, Cristian and I were blessed to be able to purchase a piece of property here in Jarabacoa to build a home.

Last week ditches were dug for the foundation and on Saturday we poured the foundation.

This is a really exciting project for us since we will be able to do almost everything ourselves, since Cristian used to work construction and he knows how to do almost everything from start to finish.  Cristian's dad is a Master Builder, as well as his uncle, and they have both been helping out.  We also have many friends who work construction so it has been really fun having all our friends pitch in and help.  My dad is planning on coming down at the end of the summer for several weeks and we are really looking forward to him helping us with carpentry at that stage.

This week's project: laying block for the walls.  More pictures to come.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last week we had the pleasure of having Wendy come and share with the women's group. Wendy is a professional make-up artist who works in commercials and tv shows and came down as a chaperone with a high school youth group from southern California. One day she came to Mata Gorda to share with the women of the community. She shared her testimony and a wonderful message about how to God we are all so beautiful and that we shouldn't use the world as our mirror to judge our beauty. She also encouraged the women that makeup should be used not to hide behind, but rather to enhance the natural beauty that GOd has given us.

She then showed the women how to apply natural looking makeup and did make-overs on almost all the women who came.
There were probably about 20 women who showed up which is the most that we have ever had come to a women's activity!  Praise God for Wendy and for the beautiful message that she shared with the women.
Please continue to pray for the women's group in Mata Gorda.

Bubbles on a Rainy Day

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Fundraising Request

This is how I've been doing laundry for the last 4 years:
1. fill bucket on the left with hose water
2. add clothes and homemade detergent (click here for the recipe I use.)
3. let run for 12 minutes.
4. drain water.
5. transfer clothes to right side bucket.
6. turn on to spin clothes
7. fill left bucket agin
8. add clothes and fabric softener.
9. let run for 12 minutes.
10. drain water.
11. transfer clothes to right side bucket.
12. turn on to spin clothes.
13. hang to dry.

This old semi-automatic washing machine has been passed down about 4 times and has been with me for the last 4 years.  It has broken once since I've had it and is definitely on it's last leg.  So I am beginning to save up to buy a washer and dryer.  I estimate that I will need about $1000 in order to buy both a washer and dryer.

If you are interested in donating to help us towards the purchase of a washer and dryer please send checks to:

Students International
PO Box 2733
Visalia, CA  93279

Please include a note inside that specifies that it is for Katie Grullon intended for "washer/dryer purchase".

Thanks you!