Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crazy rain storm

A few weeks ago we had a crazy storm that flooded barrios all over Jarabacoa. Fortunately, our house is raised up and no water entered our house, but our yard of grass was flooded with about 5 inches deep of water.

Our dirt road turned into a rushing river (which was nice cause it smoothed out all the potholes)

Our dogs enjoyed playing in all the water!

update on women's group

As I think I mentioned in the past, Daisy, who is the site leader for Social Work in one of the other communities here with SIDR, has started coming out to Mata Gorda once a week to help start up a women's group which we hope and pray will some day turn into a full time women's social work site. We have had several meetings with varying attendance, so 2 weeks ago, one of the ladies suggested we walk around the community and personally invite the women to come to the next meeting.

Here is Daisy, left, and Kathy, right, inviting Judy, center, to come to the group:

Here is a pic of our latest meeting, where we had 12 women come and do a craft and hear a small message:

Please continue to pray for the women of Mata Gorda that the group would start up strong and that many women would hear the gospel. Also pray that God would raise up someone to come work with the women full time.