Monday, August 27, 2012


Here are some pictures of the beautiful tile work in the two bathrooms, 
done by Cristian and our friend Jhon.

Mom's visit to Mata Gorda

It was so fun having my mom with me at the school for a fews days.  She was really cute with the kids, bringing her back to her days as a preschool teacher.  The kids were funny around her too, cause they were so astonished to finally meet my mom.  Some of them would often ask me about my mom, wondering where she lived and not understanding that my parents lived in another country and that I was an adult and had my own house and didn't live with my parents.  :-)

Thanks Mom!  You were a great help and I love you very much!

House Update

Here are some photos of the kitchen cabinets being installed.  I have been working away at getting all the drawers and cabinet doors painted so soon the kitchen will look complete!

Friday, August 10, 2012

End of the Year Party

We celebrated our end of the year party this past week in Mata Gorda.  As always it was so fun to see the kids all dressed up and excited to get their promotion certificates.

The party ended with a bang when the piñata was broken!

House Update

The tile is almost finished in our new house!  Cristian has been working so hard and has done a beautiful job on all the tile.  Here are some pics of the finished "wood" tile that is throughout the living room/kitchen/dining area as well as the master bedroom.

 Mom and Dad came down (and are still here) for a few weeks and Dad has been working away building the kitchen cabinets.
 Here are Mom and I painting the cabinets white.

Pool Party!

At the end of the summer we took all the kids to the pool for the day at a local hotel/restaurant.  It was so much fun and the kids LOVED it!  It was fun to see the kids start out the day being a little scared of the water and gradually ease into "swimming" in their floaties around the whole pool.  It was such a treat for the kids, parents, and teachers alike!