Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last week we had the pleasure of having Wendy come and share with the women's group. Wendy is a professional make-up artist who works in commercials and tv shows and came down as a chaperone with a high school youth group from southern California. One day she came to Mata Gorda to share with the women of the community. She shared her testimony and a wonderful message about how to God we are all so beautiful and that we shouldn't use the world as our mirror to judge our beauty. She also encouraged the women that makeup should be used not to hide behind, but rather to enhance the natural beauty that GOd has given us.

She then showed the women how to apply natural looking makeup and did make-overs on almost all the women who came.
There were probably about 20 women who showed up which is the most that we have ever had come to a women's activity!  Praise God for Wendy and for the beautiful message that she shared with the women.
Please continue to pray for the women's group in Mata Gorda.

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