Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Saludos a toditos! (Greetings to all) I have received several emails asking me how the hurricane is hitting here. So I thought I would send out a quick note to let you all know how I am doing. The hurricanes are passing by the Caribbean with a lot of force, but fortunately, where I live is for the most part out of harms way. I am up in the mountains in the center of the island, so unless the hurricane comes severely inland, all we get here is a lot of rain. So rest assured that I am safe and sound, but drenched to the core. :-) Last night, in fact, I found out that when it rains, my window sill fills up with water and spills over into my room, thus drenching my bed and pillows. Such is life here. :-)

Thank you for all your concern and please continue to pray for Cuba, who got hit pretty hard from IKE.

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Leah said...

when do we get new pics of the kiddos?

I love you, try to stay dry!