Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beauty School

I have earned quite a reputation as a haircutter here. I've been here a little over a month now and I think I've already given over 10 haircuts.

This past weeks Daisy, the leader of the Women's Social Work site, asked me if I would come to her site and teach the ladies how to cut hair. Several of them are interested in starting a salon but don't know how to cut hair. So I went and tried to explain to the ladies that never formally learned how to cut hair (so I I don't really know how to teach cutting hair) but I just learned by practicing on brave souls.

I demonstrated a basic layered cut and then another lady tried it on one of the girls there with me looking on. Overall it was pretty successful and the cuts turned out great. I plan on going back a few more times to demonstrate and help the ladies learn the basics of cutting hair.


Jared and Leah said...

katie, this is awesome! i think doing things like this will also help you not feel discouraged and that there is more to you being there and being part of the community than what you're doing at the school.

did you steal my green owl shirt that you're wearing in this picture?

i love you.

dave said...

Haha. That is amazing !

d. vasquez said...

That is awesome Katie! Even though you don't know how to official cut hair, you obviously have some skills! Keep having fun, and keep glorifying the Lord!

The Entrekins said...

So- if I drop in can you give me a cut, my hair is a disaster-- and you make it look so cute- Blessings, Sissy