Thursday, December 25, 2008


The other day some of the kids came up to me after school with a wounded butterfly they had found. They were all very excited about it and I was able to snap some neat pictures. It was really cute, because even the boys were all being very gentle with it. I explained to them that we needed to be very gentle with it because its wings were broken and it couldn't fly anymore. One if the kids asked me "If we feed it some juice will its wing get healed?" I sadly explained that there was nothing we could do to heal its wing and that it would probably die soon. The kids gently played with it for a while and then let it sit on a leaf until it couldn't move anymore. They then buried it and sprinkled flowers on top of its grave. Kind of sad that it ended up dying, but it was nice watching the kids caring for the injured butterfly. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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