Sunday, June 21, 2009


This past week I found myself back in California again. After 2 trips home in 10 months, you can bet I wasn't excited about the traveling, but the reason for coming home was well worth it.

I arrived in San Francisco and got to spend a few days with my sister's little family. It was so fun to get to see them, especially little baby Lyla, again.

I then boarded a train, with Leah and Lyla in tow, headed to Mariposa. I got to spend a nice relaxing week with my family and most importantly, the reason of my trip, my dear friend Marissa. It was great to be back in Mariposa with her as we prepared for her wedding. We took a day trip to Yosemite, which was wonderful, as it had been quite a while since I was there. On Friday the wedding festivities started with a trip to the nail salon, bachelorette party and rehearsal. The wedding on Saturday was absolutely lovely and so much fun. It was so special for me to get to participate in this joyous event as Marissa has been my best friend for many years now.

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