Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meri Payano

Meri is the assistant in my classroom. She lives in Mata Gorda right next to our little school. She has been living in the community of Mata Gorda for about 9 years. She came to know the Lord soon after she moved to the community through the work of the local church in Mata Gorda. She has grown into an amazing woman of God and a great mother. She has three children, Frankely, Frannis, and Melany who all attend our school (Frankely has graduated and moved onto the public school). She is an amazing help in my classroom as she works one on one with students who need special help. I am so tahnkful for Meri's hard work in my class and also for her friendship.

Please pray for Meri also when you think of me in prayer. Pray for her financial situation, as her family is one of the poorest in the community. Pray for her education, as she is currently taking classes in the University studying to be a teacher. And most importantly, pray for her husband, who has yet to come to know the Lord.


Katherine said...

Kati I love reading your blog and hearing about your ministry! Thank you so much for updating us on the big things that God is doing. I think of you often and love you muuuuuuuuuuucho!

Katherine said...

I forgot to put my name...hehe
-Katie Robb