Friday, May 7, 2010

April Trip Home and Fundraising

At the end of April I had the opportunity to take 2 weeks off to come home and visit my family, as well as do a little fundraising. The week started off wonderfully visiting with my sister and family in San Francisco and celebrating my niece, Lyla's, 1st birthday.

I then headed up to Santa Rosa to visit my dear friends Marissa and Erik.

After that I came home to Mariposa for a few days and got to share at my home church, Ponderosa Basin Chapel, and well as spending a day sharing with the High School Spanish classes. It was fun to get to see the high schoolers excited about learning about my experiences living in a Spanish speaking country.
I then headed down to San Luis Obispo to visit my brother and grandma and share at my college home church, Calvary SLO. I then took the 7 hour Amtrak back to SF, splurged on a taxi to the airport with my 2 50lb. suitcases full of treats, shopping, and gifts and spent the night in the airport in order to catch my 6 am flight back to the DR.

It was a wonderful trip full of loving family and friends and great times sharing at my two supporting churches. Now it is back to school and summer teams that began this week.

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