Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pool Day

Last friday we took all the kids from the school in Mata Gorda to the pool for a special end of the year trip. It was so much fun! We took them to a place called Rancho Dos Rios, which is actually a really nice hotel/restaurant here in Jarabacoa. The manager was so nice and gave us the admission price for half off. This was such a special treat for the kids. They had so much fun swimming and eating pizza. They especially loved floating around in the inner tubes.

This is the jacuzzi-turned-kiddie pool where my class spent their time.

I posted more photos to facebook, you can check them out here:


Krystal (skdeleeuw) said...

Hi Katie!

How fun to see pictures of your sweet smiling students again. It looks like they really enjoyed their special day. I know I really enjoyed getting to meet you and them this past February.

My husband and son are headed to the DR SI site next week. In fact, my son is assigned to help at Mata Gorda! I still have the "wish list" of things you wanted for your classroom, but before we make any purchases, I was wondering if there is anything else you would like to add to that list. We want to fill up a suitcase of things you need. You can email me at

Thanks for being such a blessing to the families in Mata Gorda!

mazeermohamad said...

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joven said...

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