Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun Day

A few weeks ago I invited Nalleli, one of the older girls from Mata Gorda, over to our house to spend the night. She is best friends with our niece, Pricila, so I invited her as well. It was a crazy fun weekend which started out with a VERY special treat that Cristian brought back from the capital: Krispy Kreme!!!

After the girls spent Saturday helping me clean the house (they teach them young here, a tradition I will definitely continue with my own children) :-) we took a trip to the beach on Sunday. Nalleli had never been to the beach before so she was soooo excited. It was so fun for me to see such excitement and so special that we were able to treat her to such a fun day.
Here are Nalleli and Pricila:

Me and Nalleli:

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