Sunday, May 20, 2012


First off, this picture does no justice to the craziness that has been going on here for the last several months.

Yes, today is Presidential election day.  Politics here are crazy, and I don't think I can really explain why.  The government is really corrupt so people are always talking about how all the officials steal money and have several vacation homes while the majority of the general population lives in poverty.  But then, people get so excited about elections and go crazy having political rallies and parades (as pictured).  The funniest thing to me about campaigning here is that all the candidates take current pop songs and change the words to turn them into songs supporting their candidacy.  Then they give out boxes of food to any and everyone who wants to stand in line for several hours, regardless of party affiliation.  And then on election day you see people standing outside of the polling places, discreetly handing out money saying "you know what to do" as the voters walk inside to vote.

So, from the outside looking in, it just seems like a lot of hoopla and fan fare, and at the end we still have a president who robs from the poor in order for him to live in luxury.

So, please pray for the DR today.  SO many people are hoping for change and looking to the president to fix all the problems in this country.  But I know that the only thing that can really make a change here is Jesus.  Pray that the Dominican people would turn to God for their hope and put their trust in Him, not in political promises and handouts.

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