Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Answer to Prayer

 As you know, during the summer the PT clinic was closed due to the leader moving back to the States and Cristian was left without a job.  Since then he has been working hard on finishing our house and volunteering some at another PT clinic here in town.  Just last week he has started working in the morning at Genesis, the Special Education school that is run by Students International.  This is definitely different work than he is used to, not only working with kids (which they didn't do at the other PT clinic) but working with kids with special needs.  He is learning a lot and really enjoying himself and always comes home with some funny story about his patients.  Praise God for providing this part time job for Cristian which still gives him the afternoons to finish projects at our house.
This next week there is a physical therapist coming from Nicaragua who is interested in coming on staff here in the DR with SI.  This would be another answer to prayer because then the clinic would be reopened and Cristian would get his job back.  Please pray for this possibility.

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