Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Day as a Dentist

The school is on vacation for a few weeks so I have had some time to relax and visit some of the other SI sites. Here are some pictures from the day that I spent at the Dentistry office, assisting Vanessa.

It was fun to get to do something different for a day, but I don't think that sucking spit out of people's mouths is exactly my calling. :-)

Praise God for Dr. Vanessa, who is helping so many people with her dental ministry!


Brian said...

MMMmmm spit!! hey praise the Lord you know that God hasnt called you to that but still being blessed from the expereince.

Eddie said...

So how was your lovely day as a dentist? It's never easy to be a dentist, no? A lot of people are afraid of you. Haha! But the good thing there is you do help them with their teeth problems and promote a healthy overall lifestyle. That's the fulfillment of public health service. :)

Eddie Storms