Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Playa Dorada

During my vacation time this week Chelsea, Anna and I decided to go to the beach for the day. We took the bus for about 3 hours to Playa Dorada, on the north shore. It was an amazing day. The beach there was so beautiful and the water was so calm and warm. Eventhough we ended up spending more time traveling than actually at the beach, it was all worth it. Despite the sun burn that I came home with.


Brian said...

When i was in Kenya i had the chance to swim in the indian ocean and that was really warm. Almost like a giant spa it was awesome. A huge difference im sure then the freezing cold waters of pismo or morro bay that we are used to here. Good Times!

Brian said...

did you play any beach volleyball while you were there?!?!?!?! we'll miss you out on the sand this summer!