Saturday, August 23, 2008

a final farewell

These past two weeks I had a chance to visit one last time with some family and friends before I head for the DR. I started my adventure off in San Luis Obispo, staying with my dear friend, DeeDee, and spending time with my brother and his friends. Over the weekend, my whole family converged in Atascadero at my grandparent's house for a relaxing time of visiting. From there I headed up north, where my best friend, Marissa, and I went camping at Mt. Tam for a few days. After that I was able to spend a few more days with her in Santa Rosa before heading back to Mariposa.

It was a very enjoyable trip, and a much needed time of visiting with dear friends, as this summer has been quite lonely and draining with all my traveling. It was also such a blessing to have my whole family together for a few days.

So now I am back in Mariposa waiting on support..... Waiting on the Lord to bring this journey to completion in His timing.

Thanks for the prayers.

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