Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dominican House Cleaning 101

I recently made the decision to move out of my current house and move into another house with two of my friends here, Amy Green and Amy Babb. After a long search we found the house we wanted and sealed the deal. Yesterday my friend and house cleaner, Nina, and I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I learned a few lessons about the proper way to clean a Dominican house.

Materials needed:
Bucket with soapy water

Scrub every surface, cealing to floor with broom and soapy water. Rinse with hose. Sweep out excess water.

A very effective way to clean a house, and actually quite fun to be spraying a hose inside the house. All the houses here are made out of concrete brick with tile floors, and any wood surface is highly varnished to protect it from the humidity and bugs, so the houses are literally water proof. Except for the electrical sockes in the walls, which I tried not to think about as I was spraying the wall with the hose....

So, today is moving day! I am very excited. I'll post some pictures of the new house soon.

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Krysta Williams said...

We spent all afternoon cleaning out our new place today. I tried just doing the water and broom approach, but unfortunately ours was too dirty for that. It required scrubbing on hands and knees; not nearly as fun. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place!