Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Water is always an issue here in the DR. It is kind of strange, actually, since it rains so much here, but more often than not there is no water flowing through the pipes here in the campo (countryside) of Mata Gorda.

This past week our cistern had completely run dry and there was no water coming from the street to fill it up. This meant not only the school but the entire community was out of water. THere were still dirty dishes from lunch from the day before and the classrooms hadn't been mopped in 2 days, so we decided that it was time to take some action. We called the firefighters in town and had them bring out a truck full of water to fill the cistern.
The kids went crazy seeing the firetruck and had lots of fun watching the fireman fill up the cistern with the huge hose.

Francys even got to sit up in the front of the truck!!

Thank the Lord that we have water again!!

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