Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An unpleasant Surprise

This week it was back to the school to starting cleaning and organizing to get ready for the next term of classes. When I opened the door to my classroom I found it fairly dusty but not in too bad of shape. I then looked over to my cabinet where I keep all my art supplies and noticed that the doors were half open and there was a bunch of stuff on the ground in front of it. I thought this was pretty odd but then thought that maybe the earthquake had knocked some stuff over. I went over for closer inspection and started to take things out and out runs and HUGE rat!! And I do mean huge, it was about 8 inches long. Disgusting. So after screaming and running to the other side of the school and waiting for some of the kids to take everything out of my closet so that they could catch the rat, I went back in to assess the damage. I never know a rat could eat so much stuff!! This little devil not only ate through a jar of bird seed that I used for discovery table/ science projects, it ate through bottles of paint, construction paper, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, foam art supplies....basically everything!! I literally had to throw away about 1/2 of my art supplies. And did my classroom ever smell bad!!! I had no idea that a rat could cause so much damage. This is not the way that I wanted to start off the school term: without supplies. But now at least I know that I should get a new closet because the doors of this one doesn't shut very well. And I need to store everything in strong plastic tubs to keep out rats and cockroaches.

Live and learn.

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