Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shoe Crew

This past week we had a group from Taylor University come down with a huge blessing to share. They brought brand new tennis shoes for all the kids in Mata Gorda! We had measured the kids feet before to make sure everyone got the right size shoes. They started off the day doing running games and then each child has their feet washed and and their new shoes put on their feet. As each child was getting their feet washed we prayed for them. Eliamar was especially excited because her shoes had Dora on them. :-) This boy, Jordani, doesn't go to our school but he comes from one of the poorest families in Mata Gorda. I have never once seen him with shoes on his feet, he is always barefoot. He was so excited when he got his new shoes, I have never seen someone smile so big! And it was so cute to see him prancing around all day so proud of his new shoes.

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David Roberts said...

I love it! Jordani's smile says it all!