Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trash Pickup Day

This past week we took the kids on a walk around the community to pick up trash. Here in the DR it is quite customary to just throw your trash on the ground. Kids see this modeled at home so would naturally grow up thinking that this is OK. It is actually quite a challenge at the school to teach the kids about throwing their trash in the trash can and about how it is all of our responsibilities to keep the Earth clean. Before we went out to pick up trash, we talked to the kids about how God created the Earth beautiful for us to enjoy and that He gave it to us to take care of. We told them that when people leave trash on the ground it makes God sad that we are destroying His creation. The kids were excited to help, especially after we gave each of them a pair of plastic gloves to wear. :-) I also overheard some of the older kids talking about how in their homes they always throw away their trash and that they tell their parents to do the same.

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