Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week of School

We are back to school this week at the preschool in Mata Gorda. It has been so great seeing all the kids again, getting so many hugs everyday, and hearing the kids tell me I am pretty (especially after I cut my bangs.) :-)

Here are Isaias and Enmanuel, two of my littlest ones from last year who are now the "big kids" in my class. It is fun to see how Enmanuel's personality has changed now that he is a "big kid". Last year he was so timid in class and hardly ever talked. Now he is talking and smiling constantly!

Here is Angel, 4 years old, new to my class this year.

This is Taúmi, a new 3 year old in my class. This has been a rough week for her at school. I suspect that she is autistic, due to several common characteristics that she demonstrates. It has been difficult for me trying to help her cope being at school. Next week Amy, who works at the special Ed school, is coming to observe her to see if my assessment is correct. Please pray for us as we try to determine what the best course of action is for Taúmi, whether that means her staying at our school or transferring over to the Special Ed school to get better one on one attention.

Luis Angel, a new 3 year old:

Moises, a new three year old:

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