Saturday, September 25, 2010

Women's Ministry

As I believe I have mentioned before, at the beginning of the summer I began working with the women of Mata Gorda giving a Bible study once a week. This has turned out to be a great success and the women are really enjoying coming together for our weekly meetings. The women are eager for a full time women's ministry in the community like we have in other communities in Jarabacoa. Unfortunately, since my full time responsibility is with the school I can only give them one day a week. Please pray that God would touch the heart of someone to come to Mata Gorda to begin a women's ministry site to work with these women full time. They are so eager and have a heart for the non-beliving women in the community. This is a prayer request that I have had for a long time, so please join with me in praying that God would provide someone to come and work with the women of Mata Gorda.

This fall we have been alternating weeks having the Bible Study and doing a craft. This last week I taught the women how to make rosettes out of cloth and they sewed them onto headbands or glued them onto hair clips. They absolutely loved this activity and were so excited to make hair accessories for themselves and their daughters.

Here is Madelyn concentrating hard on her rosette. She has two daughters in the school: Daniela, a new 3 year old in my class, and Mayerlin, a 6 year old in Alberto's class.

Josefina, Meri, and Maira:

Some of the girls modeling their new hair accessories made by their moms:

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