Wednesday, February 28, 2007

El Día de la Independéncia

To celebrate the Dominican Republic's independence day, we had a parade for the kids. In the morning we trucked in all the kids from El Callejon, a neighboring community where SI runs a preschool. We painted the kids faces with flags to prepare for the parade. Albereto and I got in the spirit too with flags painted on our arms. ¡Ahora, soy Dominicana!

The verse on this sign says, "The truth will set you free. John 8:32"

The kids had so much fun marching around Mata Gorda waving their flags. People came out of their houses to watch us walk by. As we walked the kids chanted, "¡Nosotros somos Dominicanos! ¡Que viven en la República Dominicana!" "We are Dominicans! We live in the Dominican Republic!"

We even stopped a few times to sing the Domican National Anthem "Quisqeyanos Valientes".

It was a great fun day for the kids to celebrate their country and the freedom that they have here. It was fun for me, too, to participate and see the pride that these people take in their country and their freedom.

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Brian said...

Alabanza Dios!!!