Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Viaje del Moto

Tuesday was Independence Day so we all had the day off. So some of our Dominican friends took us girls on a motorcycle ride in the mountains. These guys love riding motorcycles so they had fun showing off their skills to us girls.
Here is Cristian and I: That's my motorcycle in a ditch:

The girls (me, Lynn, Nani, Chelsea, Laura, Rachael, and Alicia):

The guys (Cristian, Tango, Melbin, Esteban, Anthony, Alberto):
It was quite possibly the funnest day of my life! It was so exciting to be crusing through the mountain roads with beautiful landscape all around us. This country is so beautiful, with rolling hills, palm trees, blue skys.... It had been raining the past week so there was a lot of mud on the roads. Many times we would fly through the mud puddles and get splattered with mud, or we would have to go through a creek and get soaking wet! But I think that was half the fun, getting all wet and dirty. It was so fun. Now everytime I hear a big motorcycle drive by our house, my heart starts beating a little faster.
Now I just need to learn how to drive one myself....

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Brian said...

motorcycles are cool!!!