Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Since the weather in so warm here, we often go swim in the river on the weekends. This is a swimming spot called El Charco de los Padres. This is a waterfall called Baiguate:

Laura and I at Baiguate:

Me, Laura, Andrea, Chealsea, Melvin, Cristian, Chino, Ryan, Alicia, Chastity, Rachael.

Building a human Pyramid:


Hallelujah said...

I love it. :)

Dad said...

Katie, what a thrill for your old Dad to see you doing the Lord's work. Doesn't look like you're working too hard in the photos, though! I love you.

Brian said...

That looks like so much fun, totally jealous but all in a good way. Keep having fun doing the Lords work!

Your Danielle Friend said...

dangit your still skinny! i couldnt read your last update so maybe you could email me or something. I want to know what is going on! Hugs and Kisses

JTimberlake said...

Hi Katie. Nice blog. What exciting work you are doing down there!