Saturday, February 17, 2007

Me lavo yo mis dientes

At the school in Mata Gorda, we provide toothbrushes for the kids to brush their teeth after lunch. For many of the kids, this is the only opportunity they have to brush their teeth during the day. In our classroom the toothbrushes were kept in cups on the floor beneath each child's seat. Throughout the day, the cups would get kicked and knocked over and the toothbrushes would often end up on the dirty, concrete floor. So I took on the project of sewing a toothbrush holder for the class. Each child has their own slot with their name on it. The kids loved it! On the day I brought it, they would keep coming up to it and point at their name and say, "That's mine, right there."
I am very proud of this improvement that I made to the classroom.


Brian said...

That was such an awesome idea with the toothbrush holders. it truly goes to show that GOD is using you to bless those kids. The smiles on those faces make all the difference dont it. May the Lord continue to bless you over there!!!

Leah said...

Katie, you're brilliant! Pics for you coming soon of my sewing projects. How's your guitar strap holding up? Who has a sewing machine that you can use? Thanks for your long email - I'll be writing more soon. Love you so much.

Hallelujah said...

I love it :)